Late Breaking News regarding electric fences. 

Most people are now aware of the recent tragedy in Texas which resulted in the death of several horses.  We had an electric fence incident at Death Valley on New Years Eve that has made us nervous. Our views on rules and regulations are well known and we tend to have a laissez faire attitude regarding rules in general but this whole issue makes us, as ride managers, nervous.  There will be a lot of discussion on the issue of ride camp stabling in the near future and we will be watching that discussion with great interest.  At the present time we are taking no action, other than to warn riders that they may be innocent victims from the irresponsible actions of others. At Lost Padres we will probably continue to allow SMALL corrals with a limit of three horses per pen. However that is likely to change in the future as the consequences of horses breaking loose at Mt Carmel and running onto the highway could easily result in the death or massive injury to innocent humans traveling down the highway.  We maintain insurance to protect us from those kinds of injuries but each and every rider should think long and hard about how secure your horse is when its out in public.  In these litigious days you can rest assured your assets will be in danger if you or your horses act in an irresponsible manner. What happened in Texas may very well set a precedent for stricter regulation of how horses are stabled in ride camp. 


Phyllis Bartholomew honored as the recipient of the Edward Johnson Award for superior horsemanship.

Valle de Rosa, owned and ridden by Phyllis Bartholomew was the recipient of the Wendell Robie award for XP Horse of the Year.


Laurie Birch and Scudd Run

Marci Cunningham and Fire Mt Zoom

Carlita Roberts and Enuff Said

our three 2016 Gold Medal Horses

After far too long I finally figured out the results for all of 2016. Thats not an easy task for an old man with few computer skills. I apologize in advance for any errors. Check out your results for all XP Rides in 2017 and send an email to for corrections.

2017 Cuyama Results now posted

Photos for Lost Padres and Cuyama available at:
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Mount Carmel XP


April 26 thru 30, 2017 

2017 AERC Ride Season 50 & 25 or 30 each day

Distances subject to last minute adjustments for weather.  

Join us for a great ride in beautiful southern Utah and the scenic canyon country east of Zion National Park.  You and your horse will have the opportunity to ride through the most spectacular country in the world.

The base camp is located just south of Mt. Carmel Junction at 5200’ elevation, 11 miles east of Zion National Park.  This is where Utah State Highway 9 dead ends into US HWY 89, about 1/4 mile south of that junction towards Kanab, HWY 89 crosses the E. fork of the virgin River.  Basecamp is in the large flat area east and south of the highway.  This campsite has very easy access for large rigs. 

The average daytime temperatures should be in the mid 70’s and rain showers are a possibility on Wednesday. The remaining days look to be sunny. The evenings are cool, so bring warm clothes and horse blankets. There will be plenty of water on the trail and at the campsite. There are a wide variety of sales and service establishments, including motels and restaurants, within walking distance of the base camp. The golf course, across the street from camp is open to the public.

The well marked trails follow single track cattle and horse trails, two track jeep trails and a minimal amount of graded road. The trails go through a variety of grassy meadows, pinion and juniper forests. The views along the trail are breathtaking.  Most of the trails are sandy or clay, with just enough rocks to make it interesting. The trail is moderately difficult with climbs and good or varied footing. For those of you with extra time, the campsite is an excellent place to camp and see Bryce, Zion or the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

All 5 days of Mount Carmel will loop back into basecamp.  Those of you with extra time may want to take a short side trip to see Bryce and Zion National Parks, or the North rim of the Grand Canyon.

Phone 907 209 8881 or e-mail

Ride Photos by Steve Bradley 




Entry Fees: 

Ride fees and other ride information will be sent to those who have entered online usually within two weeks of the event. If you have not received a response with the information you are looking for you should call or email us.

We will now accept Paypal payments if you use the friends and family option so we don’t have to absorb the fee. You can use your credit card and pay the fees on your end our use your checking account and its a free service for all of us. Send Paypal payments to


Entry fees are a composite of ride entry fees along with other charges that must be passed on to the riders. These hidden charges include fees to the various government entities such as the BLM, USFS and NPS as well as camping fees to state, country and private entities. They also include drug testing taxes levied upon the riders from the State of California and/or the AERC. In addition there are AERC rider fees which vary depending upon membership status. XP Rides and the XP Riders host a number of events, all of which have different financial conditions.  Not only do fees vary from ride to ride, they also vary within most rides. Our policy of not publishing fees comes from accusations of government officials going to the ride site, extrapolating information and applying it as they wish.  

XP Rides for 2017 Ride Season

Coso Junction ~ December 3 & 4

Death Valley Encounter ~ December 28-31

Laurel Mountain ~ January 28 & 29

Eastern Mojave ~ February 9-12

Bar H ~ Conflict with AERC convention

Cuyama Oaks ~ March 24-26

Lost Padres ~ April 8 & 9 DO NOT SEND RELEASES TO THE RANCH.

Mt Carmel ~ April 26-30

Strawberry Fields ~ June 16-18

Grand Canyon ~ August 30-September 3

Virgin Outlaw ~ September 27-October 1

Sesenta Años ~ November 10-12

You can learn more about each of our rides by going to XP Rides and Dates on the menu bar and scrolling down to the one you are interested in. 





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Over the years our family has made a lot of great friends along the trail. We always look forward to the new ride year to renew those friendships and to make new ones. We hope you will be able to join us on the endurance trails this year. Come ride with us, you will be glad you did.