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Our next ride:

The Virgin Outlaw XP

September 23rd through 27th, 2016

Description: This ride will stay in the same camp for all five days in 2016.  We are going to make use of the start of the Grandview Trail as well as the spectacular trails through Red Canyon and Mt Dutton. This will be the only XP ride in the area as we have cancelled the Bryce Ride after many years due to the decreasing number of entries.  The campsite is remote and offers no permanent facilities. The club provides portable toilets and non potable water for horses. Post entries are welcome but we appreciate knowing you are coming in advance if possible. There is good cell phone service at camp and our internet connection allows us to access emails sent to or

Directions: Camp is approx. 7.4 miles east of Highway 89 on Highway 12. Turn left from Hwy 12 onto Tom’s Best Spring Road and go approximately a mile and a quarter to camp. The turn off is at the top of Red Canyon. Here is a map with the GPS coordinates of camp:

Meals: Lunches are provided. Dinners will be available for an extra fee.

Awards: Individual daily awards are available for the first to finish and the horse in the best condition. Daily participation awards will be given to all riders.  Riders who complete all five days will receive jackets or plaques.


XP Rides for 2016 Ride Season

We have made a commitment to continue with the California rides through the 2016 AERC Season and those dates will show on the AERC calendar in the near future.

Coso Junction ~ December 5-6

Death Valley Encounter ~ December 28-31

Laurel Mountain ~ January 30

Eastern Mojave ~ February 11-14

Bar H ~ March 12

Cuyama Oaks ~ March 25-27

Lost Padres ~ April 23-24

Mt Carmel ~ May 11-15

Strawberry Fields ~ June 17-19

Grand Canyon ~ August 31-September 4

Virgin Outlaw ~ September 23-27

Sesenta Años ~ November 11-13

You can learn more about each of our rides by going to XP Rides and Dates on the menu bar and scrolling down to the one you are interested in. 




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Over the years our family has made a lot of great friends along the trail. We always look forward to the new ride year to renew those friendships and to make new ones. We hope you will be able to join us on the endurance trails this year. Come ride with us, you will be glad you did.