1947 Ford

The 47 Tudor

The first brand new car I rode in was the neighbors 47 Ford.  Cars were hard to get after the war and my mother continued driving the 39 coupe which was a real antique compared to the modern 47’s.  My friends, whose parents had just purchased the newest greatest thing on the block never let me forget how much better the post war cars were than my family’s old stuff.  I was really let down to find out that the 47’s were actually much better than the new 49 Ford my mother finally bought, at least in the eyes of the neighbor kids.  I guess that imprinted my young mind and in my golden years decided I needed a 47 for a daily driver.

Even though I had the 40 it really didn’t completely fulfill the desire for the cars of my youth.  So, off I went looking for something that would be ready to go as a daily driver, family car while I continue working on the 40 hot rod.  Since the column shift was important the search was limited to the 40 through 48 models.  I have spent far too much time searching for the right car only to be disappointed with what was available. I looked at dozens of prospects, most if not all were described as show cars or close to perfect.  However, when examined closely most were far from correct, perfect or even worthy of showing at a local show and shine.  After the disappointments with the 28 and 40 I have a firm rule of never buying anything I cant personally inspect.  With that in mind I looked at cars all over the west ( at least over the internet) for several months looking for the right car.  Ironically, the car I finally selected was described as “just a driver”,  “not a show car”.  During the search I found that asking the question: “could I fly in and drive it to the west coast?” would always end up with some statement about how old it was, yada yada yada.  However, the owner of the car I finally found in Boise Idaho answered “absolutely, no problem”  Finally, I had a real prospect.  As the pictures show, it was indeed a fine driver.  The previous owner, Wally, did a fine job of restoration of a nice original car.  It only took a few minutes to come to terms with him.  I bought the car and headed south.  Annie had the motorhome in Las Vegas and we made a plan to meet in Reno, which was about half way.  Unfortunately the weather turned bad and I had to drive through snow and rain to get to Reno. It was an uneventful trip with the little Ford purring along at 65 to 70 and getting 17+ MPG.  Annie and I look forward to using the 47 Tudor as our family car while I get the other projects back on the road.  The only plans for the 47 are a set of radial tires and dual exhausts, which will only take a few hours to complete.  When Annie got to drive it for the first time she conceded it was a joy to drive and now, along with myself, questions why no one makes the wonderful smooth shifting column shifts and the big comfortable, easy to get into seats.  Seems like a lot of the modern stuff really has gone backwards.

The 40 Tudor is almost ready to go so its time to wend the 47 on to a new owner. Its been a great daily driver and I have really enjoyed it but finances are limited and this insanity of my older years has to get slowed down.  It will get sold, I promise. 

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