2011 Gold Medal: Darla Wright and EM Darrha

Darla and Apollo at the Grand Canyon XP. Photo by Steve Bradley.

Rider and horse name: Darla Wright EM Darrha

Horse Barn name: Apollo

Breed: Arabian

Horse & rider years in endurance & # of miles : Rider = 12 years and 5895 miles, Horse =9 years 4880 miles

Which XP ride did you enjoy the most this year? EMS 🙂

Which ride did you find the most challenging, and why? Bryce for some technical trail areas and Grand Canyon for the weather issues… 🙂 frozen water, frozen Renegades, malfunctioning furnace LOL!!

What do you feel is the most important thing you learned about yourself and your horse this past year? That age (his or mine!  is not a factor, we can do anything together, and he takes care of me as much (or more!) as I take care of him!

Is there anything you did this year that you would do differently next year? (or, if you had a chance to do this last year over again)? If I had it to do over again… I would not have misssed Cuyama (I really like that ride!)… so I plan on making it there this year! Also, I reached a goal, so I hope to back off on Apollo some and start a new horse!

What do you think was the best thing that you did do? a 100% completion and ALL miles this year done on one horse!!! 🙂

What are your horses best qualities? He has a nice (smooth) trot, and is forward ALL the time 🙂 He takes care of me and I adore him for it!

Did anything funny or strange happen on any of the rides this year? omg! too many to list…. AMAZING ride year and was so happy to start it out at Death Valley and attain the ultimate honor for my best friend…. overall BC !  wow! still chokes me up! 🙂