2011 Gold Medal: Kathy Neunzig and PAR Snickety+//

Rider and horse name –Kathy Neunzig and PAR Snickety +//

Horse barn name –SnickersBreed –Arabian

Horse and Rider years in endurance and # of miles –Horse:10 years,4475 miles Rider:20 yrs +/- ,6855 miles

XP ride most enjoyed ? Pony Express,of course!

Most challenging? Pony Express,of course!

Most important thing I learned –my horse can and will eat all types of feed and thrive;I amazed myself at the insane amount of miles I rode over those 8 weeks.

What would I do differently? Laugh more,not take things so seriously,and carry more batteries for the GPS

The best thing I did? Sign up for the XP,regardless of my apprehension

My horse’s best qualities –incredible work ethic and soundness

Funny or strange –the way all the horses on the Pony Express could smell camp from miles away,even though it was point-to-point