2012 Gold Medal: Merina Mitchell and Dual-Es Grand Chance

Merina and Chance at the Bar H ride. Photo by Lynne Glazer.


Merina and Chance at the Lost Padres ride. Photo by Lynne Glazer.

Horse & rider years in endurance & # of miles – horse, seven years in endurance, 1,925 miles – rider, one year in endurance 1,115

Which XP ride did you enjoy the most this year? Virgin Rim – most beautiful

Which ride did you find the most challenging, and why? – Bryce – most challenging… steep narrow trails, spectacular scenery

What do you feel is the most important thing you learned about yourself and your horse this past year? myself – I can do it!… my horse – she is a really good horse!

Is there anything you did this year that you would do differently next year? (or, if you had a chance to do this last year over again)? do more training on the ground with my horse to ensure safer leading on difficult trails


What do you think was the best thing that you did do? I bought a good, experienced endurance horse and had the good sense to listen to all those excellent experienced endurance riders and Vets who were kind enough to share their knowledge, homes, tack and riding clothes with me…


What are your horses best qualities? sure footed, brave and smart – Chance picks her way carefully on the steep downhills on the trail and leaps up slick rock like a goat… she never refuses on the trail… and puts all her energy into eating and drinking – she is a very lazy endurance horse…

Merina and Chance at the Virgin Rim. Photo by Steve Bradley.


Did anything funny or strange happen on any of the rides this year? met Laurie Birch who was kind enough to ride with me 600 miles this year and showed me how to ride endurance, keep myself and my horse safe and that there is no water too icky that you can’t pour it over your head…

Merina and Chance at the Grand Canyon XP. Photo by Steve Bradley.