Death Valley Encounter Overall Results 2013 Ride Season

2012-12-28 12.58.00Overall Results for the 4 day Death Valley Encounter are below.  The first table shows the results for the same horse and rider that completed all 4 days and 200 miles.

Congratulations to Cathy Lefeber riding Magnum’s Red Baron for being 1st overall and congratulations to Cheri Briscoe and MM Thunder’s Echo for winning overall Best Condition!  We’d like to thank all of the riders for coming to the ride and helping us to celebrate the New Year.

If you were at the ride and spot any errors please let Karen know. Please be sure to include which day as well as your full name and horse’s name so it’s easy to find.

1 Lefeber, Cathy F H47851 Magnum’s Red Baron 29:10:00
2 Mitchell, Merina F H39594 Dual-Es Grand Chance 33:14:00
3 Eustice, Helen F H40696 D.W. Hardrock 35:17:00
4 Horn, Allan H H49050 Royale Prize 35:24:00
5 Richardson, Carla L H40962 SS Kharady Khid 35:25:00
6 Brock, Carey L H46840 Belesema Khandy Khiss 35:41:00
7 Briscoe, Cheri F H39350 MMF Thunder’s Echo 36:08:00
8 Bradley, Cindy M H35327 Bogar Tucker 36:16:00
9 Jaques, Valerie M H42260 NRR Team 91 Hoss 36:37:00
10 Moore, April L H40892 DB Air Alamahn 39:48:00
11 Pedicini, Lauren L NA DB Bey Barz 39:48:00

This table shows riders that ride all 4 days and 200 miles on two horses:

1 Beaupre, Jackie 200 SCA Shilo/Alyzann De Farwa
2 Chaton, Karen 200 Pro Bono D/Granite Chief
3 Hommertzheim, Judi 200 Memorabillia/AAR Reveille
4 Redente, Kerry 200 Kohrs Deelite/Kenlyn Sacred Night
5 Rigney, Lynn 200 Mio/Adagio
6 Wilkie, Sue 200 Fire Mt Redman/Rocky

This table shows riders that completed all four days riding a combination of LD and 50’s:

1 Simcox, Cindy 175 Tinkers Partee Chick/Cookies and Cream
2 Whitlock, Bill 175 Sonnic/Purple Sage

One rider completed all four days of the LD rides:

Roush, Michele F 115 Stars the Limite (Goose)