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We will no longer routinely accept Paypal payments.  If you want to use your credit card you will have to add the 3% that Paypal charges unless you send it via the friends and family option.

You WON’T get an automated response.  Sometime before the ride you will receive a response with directions.   As we get closer to the event and know what new obstacles we are faced with is when we send out an entry reply.  We often don’t respond until the week before the event so we are able to relay late breaking information.

To select a ride you will need to look underneath where you enter your phone.  The default says Laurel Mountain but you can scroll down to the other rides. The list of rides is not current but will be updated in the near future.

If you have an AERC number please use it.  If you rode an XP ride in 2021 you should have an XP number but it will show up automatically so you don’t need to enter it. You can find your number by going to the password protected page titled Rider Information.  If you don’t have the password you can call text or email Duck@xprides.com.  Numbers are not required to enter a ride. The most common cause of an entry not going through is because you did not enter the area code in the first box and the rest of the phone number in the second box.  I didn’t write the damn program I just try to deal with it like the rest of you.  When all else fails just send an email to entry@xprides.com with your name, horse name, and the information requested on the entry form.


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Please take the time to read our pre-ride veterinary information.


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