Mt. Carmel XP


Mount Carmel XP

April 25-26-27   ~   April 29-30-May 1, 2021


Color Country Ride at Mt Carmel

OCTOBER 30-31, 2020

The BLM in Washington county would not give us a permit for the ride due to the Covid pandemic.  We are planning on a two day ride at Mt Carmel using a mix of old trails along with the trails from the spring ride.  Enter the Color country ride and we will send you the preride information October 15th.

Mount Carmel, Utah
Two Three Day Pioneer Rides separated by a rest day on Wednesday

Each day will include WDRA sanctioned Endurance Rides as well as shorter distances.

These distance are subject to change due to weather and land owner restrictions

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Join us for a great ride in beautiful southern Utah and the scenic canyon country east of Zion National Park.  You and your horse will have the opportunity to ride through the most spectacular country in the world.

Base Camp: We have had to move the base camp since UDOT has fenced the old camp property.  Due to the Covid virus and the ride being limited to 25 riders we ended up using our old barn just up the road from the UDOT camp.  Depending on the situation and number of riders we will either use that camp again the one we had planned on before the 2020 season was impacted by the pandemic. Fortunately, our friends at the Esplin Ranch will allow us to camp on their property along the road to Zion National Park.  The new site is 3.8 miles west of the Hwy 9/89 Mt Carmel Junction.  Not only is there less traffic, the views are better and the gate can be closed at night to keep horses from getting loose on busy Hwy 9.  

The average daytime temperatures should be in the mid 70’s and rain showers are a possibility. The evenings are cool, so bring warm clothes and horse blankets. There will be plenty of water on the trail and at the campsite. There are a wide variety of sales and service establishments, including motels and restaurants, within walking distance of the base camp if we are at the barn. 

Basecamp address that you can use for health certificates:  Utah Hwy 9, 3.8 miles west of US Hwy 89, Mount Carmel, UT 84755 or 4200 S. State St. Mt Carmel, UT 84755.  Check with us before the ride to make sure you come to the right camp.  That information will be on the entry reply sent a week or two before the event

Trails:The well marked trails follow single track cattle and horse trails, two track jeep trails and a minimal amount of graded road. The trails go through a variety of grassy meadows, pinion and juniper forests. The views along the trail are breathtaking.  Most of the trails are sandy or clay, with just enough rocks to make it interesting. The trail is moderately difficult with climbs and good or varied footing. For those of you with extra time, the campsite is an excellent place to camp and see Bryce, Zion or the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  All 6 days of Mount Carmel will loop back into basecamp.  

Weed free certified hay is required on all public lands in the United States.  If you’d like to purchase some, Crockett will be bringing a load of weed free certified hay to the ride. You should contact him directly for hay orders at

Awards:  Individual awards are available for the fastest time and best condition each day.  An overall award will be given to the horse and rider finishing in the fastest time for all six days.  An overall best condition award for the horse that completes all six days in the best condition will also be awarded.  Completion awards will be given to all successful horse and rider teams.  Horse and rider teams that compete all 6 days will receive one of the following:  XP jacket, crewbag or specially made plaque.

Ride Photographer: Steve Bradley will be shooting this ride!

Directions from Points South: Current directions to the Nicholson Barn. Coming from CA and Southern NV you  turn off at MP 16 on Interstate 15 and head east towards Zion National Park. When you come into Hurricane, Utah turn R at the sign towards the Grand Canyon. Follow the signs towards Fredonia, Az and the Grand Canyon. A few miles past Colorado City, which is on the UT AZ border you make a left turn on the back road that goes through the Cane Beds. The turn is just past the Mojave Country Justice Court. This road is now paved but it is slow in places. Annie and I routinely take this route as it is a beautiful drive.    Continue past Coral Pink Sand Dunes and it will dead end at a T. Turn L at the T on US Hwy 89 and go past the golf course and the Hwy 9 junction. The camp will be on your left about a quarter mile past the Hwy 9 Junction. An alternate route is to continue to Kanab and then take Hwy 89 north through Kanab to Mt Carmel Junction. The camp is on your left a quarter of a mile north of the Hwy 9 junction. 

From Points North and East:  Come south on Interstate 15 to Utah Hwy 20 near MP 99. Go east on Hwy 20 to US Hwy 89. Turn south on Hwy 89. A quarter mile before the Hwy 9 junction there is an old barn on the right.  Turn just past that old barn on the old highway.