Mt. Carmel XP


Mount Carmel XP

April 25-26-27   ~   April 29-30-May 1, 2021





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 The AERC requires approval from the county health department stating gatherings over 50 people are allowed.  I am unable to get such a statement out of any counties in any states.  Until those restrictions are lifted we will continue to host the smaller WDRA events where we can practice safe guidelines for our family and yours.

Ride Rules: WDRA rules apply.  If you are into endurance riding you will probably enjoy this ride. If you are a real competitor and are looking for a race you are likely to find the lack of structure here to be an abomination. This is an old time endurance ride where we operate under a set of rules that fit on one page. 


 UT has relaxed some of its restrictions and our family is now fully vaccinated. We will still continue with our current Covid procedures as there are a number of people still susceptible to serious consequences if exposed. Therefore we will require a pre-ride check-in via email and will limit all social contact. There will be no hands on veterinary checks except in the rare cases where the veterinarian might feel it necessary. In most WDRA events the veterinarian never has to get out of his chair.   Living quarter trailers or campers are strongly advised, as we will only have one portable toilet available and will have no way to clean and keep it sterilized during the event.  We will have plenty of human and horse water available as usual. We will prepare packets and maps before you arrive and will be sending GPS tracks a few days before the ride. There is good cell phone service at the ride site. When you arrive you will come to a self-service table, pick up your entry cards to put in the entry box and sign the release forms. There will be ride meetings outside with social distancing and masks required. This is a WDRA event and you must be a member to participate.

            You must agree to wear a mask when coming around any of the Nicholson Family or our volunteers. We also require everyone to maintain a ten-foot social distance.   Since the ride is held under the more liberal WDRA rules we will not be doing any unnecessary unpleasant loops to satisfy the mileage Nazis. We will offer 15, 25 and 50 point WDRA rides each day. We will use the most scenic trails available and will structure the event to maximize everyone’s enjoyment. There will be MINIMAL markings but turns will be well marked if no one takes them down. A GPS is the best investment you can make to insure you have a good time and never get lost. This is a good chance to prepare yourself for the future when all rides will be marked by GPS only.

The ride will be limited to 30 riders. We will need a minimum of 20 riders a day or the ride will have to be cancelled. If you commit to the ride we consider that a firm commitment.

Entry Fees:

One Day          $140.00 check or $145.00 Paypal

Two Days       $240.00 check or $250.00 Paypal

Three Days     $320 check or $360.00 Paypal

Four Days       $440 check  or $455.00 Paypal

Five Days         $525 check or $545.00 Paypal

Six Days $600.00 check or $625.00 Paypal

Mail your checks to Ann Nicholson at 362 Fenway Drive, Kanab, UT 84741 or you can use Paypal and send to When you make the payment let us know by return email that you are coming and which days you are planning on riding. There may be people who enter at the last minute and that will be fine but if there are insufficient numbers of riders, the rides will have to be cancelled. These fees are non refundable for any reason after April 19th, as that will be the day we have to fully commit to the event. We will consider those fees a donation to make the ride happen.  We hope everyone understands we cannot afford to commit to the event unless we are assured of at least breaking even.

Destination information for health certificates: Health certificates are required for horses coming into Utah from other states. They are not required for horses coming from within the state. The requirements for health papers vary depending on conditions in other states. Your local veterinarian will be able to counsel you on current requirements. The basecamp address that you can use for health certificates:  4200 S. State St. Mt Carmel, UT 84755. 

Meals: Annie will not be doing dinners in ride camp as there are a multitude of restaurants within walking distance of camp.  Annie’s free lunches are not available at all XP Rides during the Covid pandemic.

Base Camp: We have had to move the base camp since UDOT has fenced the old camp property.  Due to the Covid virus and the ride being limited to 25 riders we ended up using our old barn just up the road from the UDOT camp.  This is the same camp we used for the 2020 ride.  It is on the west side of US Hwy 89 a quarter mile north of the junction of US 89 and UT 9 (Mt Carmel Junction).

The average daytime temperatures should be in the mid 70’s and rain showers are always a possibility. The evenings are cool, so bring warm clothes and horse blankets. There will be plenty of water on the trail and at the campsite. There are a wide variety of sales and service establishments, including motels and restaurants, within walking distance of the base camp. 

Trails:The well marked trails follow single track cattle and horse trails, two track jeep trails and a minimal amount of graded road. The trails go through a variety of grassy meadows, pinion and juniper forests. The views along the trail are breathtaking.  Most of the trails are sandy or clay, with just enough rocks to make it interesting. The trail is moderately difficult with climbs and good or varied footing. For those of you with extra time, the campsite is an excellent place to camp and see Bryce, Zion or the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  All 6 days of Mount Carmel will loop back into basecamp. 

Awards:  Individual awards are available for the fastest time and best condition each day.  An overall award will be given to the horse and rider finishing in the fastest time for all six days.  An overall best condition award for the horse that completes all six days in the best condition will also be awarded.  Completion awards will be given to all successful horse and rider teams.  Horse and rider teams that compete all 6 days will receive one of the following:  XP jacket, crewbag or specially made plaque.

Directions from Points South: Current directions to the Nicholson Barn. Coming from CA and Southern NV you  turn off at MP 16 on Interstate 15 and head east towards Zion National Park. When you come into Hurricane, Utah turn R at the sign towards the Grand Canyon. Follow the signs towards Fredonia, Az and the Grand Canyon. A few miles past Colorado City, which is on the UT AZ border you make a left turn on the back road that goes through the Cane Beds. The turn is just past the Mojave Country Justice Court. This road is now paved but it is slow in places. Annie and I routinely take this route as it is a beautiful drive.    Continue past Coral Pink Sand Dunes and it will dead end at a T. Turn L at the T on US Hwy 89 and go past the golf course and the Hwy 9 junction. The camp will be on your left about a quarter mile past the Hwy 9 Junction. An alternate route is to continue to Kanab and then take Hwy 89 north through Kanab to Mt Carmel Junction. The camp is on your left a quarter of a mile north of the Hwy 9 junction. 

From Points North and East:  Come south on Interstate 15 to Utah Hwy 20 near MP 99. Go east on Hwy 20 to US Hwy 89. Turn south on Hwy 89. A quarter mile before the Hwy 9 junction there is an old barn on the right.  Turn just past that old barn on the old highway.

If you find something confusing or in error in this message please contact me personally and I will clear it up. 

Phone 907 209 8881 or e-mail