2011 XP Tribute

2011 XP Tribute

July 4, 2011


The XP Ride has been quite a blast

It’s a shame that soon it will be in the past

Let’s thank all those who helped with the ride

They’ve done it so well and they’ve done it with pride


Karen Chaton’s Ride Manager and webmaster too

Without her what would the poor Duck do?

Dave Rabe helps Karen, they’re quite a pair

But only one of them rides in their underwear


Duane Fredrickson must be the ultimate crew

He’ll give you a tow and even fuel too

And then there’s Rick, the master mechanic

He’ll fix your sick diesel when you’re in a panic


Chris shod your horse when it had a flat

Testing a crossing he almost drowned in the Platte

And what can we say about Gary Rexrode?

For so many years he’s helped Dave with the load


Tom Jenkins dared to ride in Dave’s Jeep

They scouted trails that were nasty and steep

After drinking a case of Alaskan Amber

They drank too much rum and lost their camber


Lynne Rigney’s hands are soothing and healing

She left us and our horses with a wonderful feeling

And at Virginia City thank Steve and Heidi

They arranged for your meals, it’s all set up and tidy


For any I left out, I did the best I could

Everyone has made this ride so good

Last but not least is the Duck family

Dave, Annie and Dwight are kind as can be


Dave started these rides many years ago

To find the trail he searched high and low

And now we have the pony trail back

In spite of all the government flack


He has worked harder than we’ll ever know

All for us, he’s the endurance pro

His wife Annie he better keep hold

Without her Dave would be out in the cold


Dave gets a bit grouchy when he’s freezing wet

But she’ll be there for him, on that you can bet

For all she does we should place her name

In the AERC Hall of Fame


The Nicholson’s are the heart and soul of this ride

They’ve been our leaders, they’ve been our guide

We love them so and wherever they tread

May their trail be happy in the years ahead