July 18, 2011

Here we are in Virginia City

The ride’s all over, it’s such a pity

Over the last eight weeks we’ve crossed 2,000 miles

Let’s recount some highlights that brought us such big smiles


It all started out with a Patee House dinner

For XP vets and many a beginner

We went through Kansas to the state of Nebraska

So many miles from Dave’s home in Alaska


Remember the downpours that soaked us good

When the waterlogged heavens dumped all that they could

Some riders thought riding in rain was shoddy

So they bailed and said, “Crew, please pour me a hot toddy”


Next was the threat of a huge storm in Oak

In the shelter we huddled hoping we wouldn’t croak

The lightning was loud, was God playing a game?

But we were spared from a tornado that never came


Momentum was stymied when the trail was blocked

By too many gates, especially when locked

How many gates does it take to make us go crazy?

Only a few when we ride with a partner that’s lazy


The Aussies bought Arabs at Rush Creek Ranch

Of course, buying a horse means taking a chance

Charlie spotted one, saying, “I’ve got dibs”

Which unfortunately led to his two broken ribs


We thought jokes by Peter would never stop

Some were funny; none were a flop

To match his wit would be quit a feat

There’s one thing we learned – don’t mess with Pete


Yes, the Aussies made this an international contingent

They took our taunts without getting indignant

Without them the ride wouldn’t have been the same

When anything went wrong we had them to blame





Ride meetings were held at the end of each day

We wondered at night what vague things Dave would say

Like “Ride far then turn at the llama that’s dead”

Becky asked Marcie, “What was that that he said?”


In Melbeeta we found the All Around Store

They had ice cream and truck parts and so much more

We tasted the bull fries and ate candy and toffee

It was great till they put engine oil in our coffee


Joe’s trailer had photos of his horse and his face

Who else could boast with so much grace?

Steve Bosco strummed, was that tune Tom Dooley?

And did you like the poems by, ahem, yours truly?


At Esterbrook meadow the flowers stretched far

Indian paintbrush, wild iris and pink shooting star

Places like this are extremely sublime

May their beauty remain for a long, long time


At Sweetwater bog brave Jeff waded in

But the water was high; it was up to his chin

The crossing was blocked, the ride once again cheated

Dave blew his top and shouted “expletive deleted”


Suddenly the ride was like Pamplona, Spain

All was calm till like a freight train

Something tore through camp with horns afull

The horses freaked out at the running of the bull


When we got to Fort Bridger we were led to weep

It was flooded with water that was three feet deep

This was the ride’s theme, as the waters would flow

We were surrounded by way too much H2O


At Ibapah some had nothing to do

They needed some action to not feel blue

So Steve, Tom and others said, “Lets stop our gabbin’’

And they went and built a sexy log cabin


At Shellbourne we rode loops and after doing our duty

We could appreciate this of the valley’s stark beauty:

Afternoon showers and sunsets of red

And a blanket of stars when we went to bed



There were certainly hassles along the way

Power washing our rigs and needing weed free hay

Though we did our best, some things must stay mute

Following rules is a royal pain in the petoot


Near Austin the Freightliner high sided and blocked

Highway 50 for hours as everyone gawked

Gary said, “Chris, I’m so sorry it broke

But gee, my good friend, can’t you take a joke?”


At Cold Springs nirvana the Duck finally found

Lots of liquor, a pool table and steaks by the pound

Cricket said at the bar ‘’’ made of fine wooden stock

“Just for you here’s a hickory daiquiri, Doc”


Rumors flew daily about riders and crew

But we never quite knew which ones were true

And did people gossip? It don’t take a genie

Do bears shit in the woods; does the Pope wear a beanie?


There were times when we felt we were riders of old

Those young skinning orphans, so wild and bold

But all you XPer’s are hot riders too

This group could have taught them a thing or two


Eventually we came to the Chinaman’s Trail

We were now so close to the ride’s Holy Grail

The price of the adventure, we many times paid it

And now we’ve arrived; we finally made it


We had the wedding of Janis and Gary the Pegg

Did he bend a knee to propose or did he just beg?

And Dave was the minister, who would’ve thunk?

Did he get ordained in a church when totally drunk?


Now, on every ride someone performs many wonders

Assisting us all through our many blunders

This man banged up his rig and endured so much pain

Can we now all say thanks to dear cowboy Duane?


In this town we have reached the final gate

Thanks, Dave and Annie for a ride so great

And there’s one thing we know that we cannot hide

Making friends was by far the best part of the ride