Bar H


BAR H Ranch Ride

March 2 and 3, 2019

Gavilan Hills, California

The Bar H Ride will no longer be an AERC Endurance Ride due to the Swigart Article advising all parties that AERC rides are “roller derbies on horseback”.  Management feels we can no longer conduct an endurance ride through Hanford Park with that kind of irresponsible accusations in the background.  Last year we made a half-hearted attempt at an AERC clinic but there were only three entries, so we gave up.  This year we will try again but this time it will simply be a trail rides through the park and surrounding area using the best trails of previous Bar H events.  There won’t be any fees but donations would be appreciated if Annie can be talked into cooking an evening meal on Saturday.  We will try for a short clinic on GPS use and an informal chat about old times in the endurance world. You are welcome to come early on Saturday and leave at your leisure on Sunday. If you are still there on Monday you will be put to work.  

Base Camp is located on the Bar H Ranch, located at 2280 foot elevation in the horse friendly area of Riverside County California. It really has become more horse friendly as the shooters and dirt bikers have been eliminated thanks to the vigilance of the surrounding neighbors. There is enough flat space to park large rigs on the ranch. There is even room to put out your corrals. Leashed dogs are tolerated; loose dogs are not. There is a small market on Gavilan Hills Road near Lake Mathews Road for those who forget to bring something. There are no restaurants, hotels or motels in the immediate vicinity, but there are lots of them in the surrounding towns about 15 minutes away if you drive like a redneck. Most folks around here do.
The Trail has a lot of variety including fire roads, oak studded single track, dedicated bridle paths. The route winds through the flats and rolling hills of southern California and has a few steep climbs. There are some rocky spots that will require some hoof protection. Much of the footing is all weather granite. The trail is moderately difficult because of the hills, but can be easily completed on new horses ridden with care by good horsemen. Most people are surprised that so much open land is surrounded by major SoCal freeways.


A General Description of the event is that we hope to have a fun and informative weekend.

GPS Receivers are a useful tool and will become a thing of the future. If you have a Garmin GPS receiver you should bring it. Those who are unfamiliar with GPS receivers will find this session informative. There are benefits and limitations on GPS devices and we can talk about those at that session. I have yet to find a wrist band receiver that will import tracks, but if you have one and have what it takes to connect to a USB port on my computer I will give it a try. D The most popular models seem to be the Oregon, Dakota and eTrek series.  Its really all personal preference. . 

Directions depend on where you are coming from. The ranch lies between Interstates 15 and 215 in the general vicinity of Perris California.

  • From I-15 exit Cajalco Road. Turn EAST and go to Lake Mathews Drive and turn right.It’s the only way you can turn as the lake is on your left. At approximately 3.3 miles after the turn off Lake Mathews Drive you will see the Bar H sign on your left, jam on the brakes and turn left on the really wide dirt road (Windford Road (unmarked). We might have some ribbons there if we can remember. Continue 0.2 miles until this dirt road ends at the orange grove. Turn right and go 0.2 miles to the first left and turn into the ranch. Go north past the stop sign and the white fencing to the camping area.
  • From I-215 exit Ramona Expressway/Cajalco Road. Travel west and turn left/south on Gavilan Hills Road. Go past the Gavilan Ranch Market to the first street. Turn right on Lake Mathews Road and go exactly1.8 miles to the camp entrance on Winford Road(unmarked). There is a big Bar H sign at the turn. Follow the above directions into camp.
  • From the 91 Freeway exit La Sierra and go 5 miles south to Cajalco Road. Turn left/east for 3.2 miles to Lake Matthews Drive. Turn right/south and follow directions above from the turn off on Lake Matthews Drive.