Caballo Sin Nombre


Caballo Sin Nombre


Caballo Sin Nombre

May 27-28-29, 2022 

An AERC 50-55/50/50 & 25 or 30 each day.  XP Club rides of all distances.  XP Club events are perfect for new and old riders alike.   Distances subject to last minute adjustments for weather.

Basic Ride Info: 

Its been many years since I personally rode through this area but the people who are familiar with the country and the competitive trail rides held here have encouraged me to adapt these trails to a new XP adventure.   There is plenty of camping room at the primitive ride camp that is only a short distance from the paved NM HWY 173, about 15 miles east of Aztec.  

Registration will start at 3:00 on Thursday. The vet check will start at 6:00 if the vet shows up on time. There will be a ride meeting around 7:00 each evening but we hope to have all current information including .gpx files available before you arrive at the camp.  The fifty mile rides usually start at 7:00 and the 25’s usually start at 8:00. The trails wind through massive rock formations and forested areas, then break out into panoramic high desert views. Much of the footing is all weather decomposed granite and desert two track with few rocky sections and sand washes thrown in. The trail is easy to moderately difficult but can be easily completed on new horses ridden with care by good horsemen.

A General Description of this ride is a no frills, low budget, relaxed training ride that will offer riders an opportunity to camp out with friends and ride around the desert on a horse with a name.

Ride Rules are generally the same as AERC rules as interpreted by the ride manager and her advisors. However, be aware this ride has completion requirements that differ from AERC in that the control judges can and will pull horses that do not recover to their satisfaction. The ride is conducted by the XP Riders and will offer less strenuous distances and less formalities for those wanting to just have fun.


Travelers from all directions will probably want to come to Aztec, NM and turn east on NM Hwy 173. Go about 15 miles and there will be a ribbons and a sign on the north side of the hwy on an unmarked but good dirt road.  Follow the road and signs to camp.  GPS Coordinates at the turn off are  36.790423°, -107.773566°.    Coordinates at the camp are  36.797873°, -107.775007°


Destination information for health certificates: Health certificates are required for horses coming into New Mexico from other states. They are not required for horses coming from within the state.  Brand papers and/or proof of ownership is always a prudent thing to have on hand. You can use “Hwy 173, west of Navajo Dam, NM 36.797873°, -107.775007°.

Meals: Annie may be doing some meals on a limited basis when requested in advance. Annie’s free lunches are available at all XP Rides including Caballo Sin Nombre.

You can pay at the ride after determining how many days you end up riding. Entry fees for the AERC events are $130.00 per day. Juniors are half price.  XP Club rides are $110.00 per day.  AERC charges an additional $15.00 day member fee for non members. Everyone in the ride is automatically an XP Rider.  

Phone 907 209 8881 or 970 880 0150 for Dave email

Phone 907 821 1819 for Annie  e-mail

If you find something confusing or in error in this message please contact me personally and I will clear it up. 

Phone 907 209 8881 or e-mail