2011 Eastern Mojave Scenic XP Overall Results

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Here are the overall results for the 2011 Eastern Mojave Scenic XP ride. The first list is of riders that rode the same horse all four days and 200 miles (with the exception of Tulip, who completed four days with Les Carr and Dave Rabe).  Fastest overall time for the 4 days on the same horse was awarded to Crockett Dumas riding OT Sara Moniet RSI.  Overall BC was awarded to Leah McCombs horse TAR Pistol Pete.  The second list is of riders that completed all four days on two or more horses. If anybody isn’t on the list and should be, let Karen know!

Eastern Mojave Scenic XP Overall Results – Same Horse all four days & 200 miles!

1 748 Dumas, Crockett H H44167 OT Sara Moniet RSI 22:12:00
2 M22750 McCombs, Leah
L H44135 TAR Pistol Pete 28:41:10 BC
3 M20389 Wright, Darla F H33578 EM Darrha 31:19:30
4 M33406 Cowan, Charles “Chuck” H H40479 MMR Tuff Ballatorie (Blazer) 32:31:10
5 M34663 Kays-Tillotson, Theresa M H44975 Joshua’s Boy 32:31:30
6 1684 Carr, Les/Dave Rabe M 12093 Tulip 35:21:00
7 13879 Helly, Heidi F H34547 Andreti 36:19:00
8 M34922 Koch, Linda M H40096 Electra 36:20:20
9 M33025 Tinkham, Terri L H37137 Oliver Twist 37:03:20
10 M34774 Richardson, Carla L H40962 SS Kharady Khid 40:50:00

Eastern Mojave Scenic XP Overall Results – More than one horse – four days & 200 miles!

1 M32399 Backus, Kathy L H37569 Ace
M32399 Backus, Kathy L H43312 Maxx
2 M17306 Bartusek, Cathy L H36619 FS Nova Star
M17306 Bartusek, Cathy L H35884 Tiki’s Treasure
3 14149 Chaton, Karen F H39935 Pro Bono D
14149 Chaton, Karen F H33042 Granite Chief
4 1720 Creech, Connie M H42752 LS Starsky
1720 Creech, Connie M H39183 LS Steele Breeze
1720 Creech, Connie M H34164 LS Shardonney Bey
5 11351 Fredrickson, Karen L 29816 MRR Pyro
11351 Fredrickson, Karen L 39200 Tahrig Fahim
6 M18054 Hilzman, Elfta L H35846 RHA Believable
M18054 Hilzman, Elfta L H39220 Activation
7 M21761 Hughes, Connie M H40370 WH Thoven s Fith
M21761 Hughes, Connie M H46186 WMA Holy Fire
M21761 Hughes, Connie M H46831 Liberty for All
8 12377 Kent, Howard H H32147 Nate
12377 Kent, Howard H H38808 Jay Kay
9 11310 Rice, Gina M H42481 Fanciful Figre
11310 Rice, Gina M H39034 Tar Marree
10 M37391 Rigney, Lynn F H42661 Predictable
M37391 Rigney, Lynn F H46683 Khaliq
11 M18209 Sahagun, Tracy (sagoon) F H41816 Hot Rod Tiki
M18209 Sahagun, Tracy (sagoon) L H45070 ReadiStreak
12 11743 Schmidt, Sharon F H44955 Valentino VF (Kodiak)
11743 Schmidt, Sharon F H27212 Fire
13 M32312 Van Fossen, Heather L H43661 EC Cucamonga
M32312 Van Fossen, Heather L H39162 Targa
M32312 Van Fossen, Heather L H45501 Mity O Quick
14 5379 Wood, Mark M H33511 MC Shockwave
5379 Wood, Mark M H45652 Treasure