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XP Rides Front Page Photos

Congratulations Karen Chaton riding Granite Chief and Pro Bono for riding all 2040 miles of the Pony Express trail!

Lightning strike on the North Rim. Photo by Steve Bradley.

Bryce Canyonl XP. Photo by Steve Bradley

Mt. Carmel XP. Photo by Steve Bradley.

Cuyama Oaks XP. Photo by Lynne Glazer Imagery.

2009 Grand Canyon XP Ride Photos

All five days of the Grand Canyon XP are out of the same basecamp which is located in Dry Park, on the north rim of the Grand Canyon. We ride through beautiful aspen and conifer forests and across wide open meadows through the North Kaibab Plateau on the Arizona Trail and the Rainbow Rim trails.

These photos are from the 2009 ride.  We hope you’ll join us next year for another gorgeous ride in the fall colors!

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2009 Bryce Canyon XP Ride Photos

Enjoy these photos from the 2009 Bryce Canyon XP ride.  This five day loop ride takes place on the Paunsagaunt Plateau which forms the spectacular cliffs and canyons of Bryce National Park. This beautiful area has to be one of the most special places on earth.  We hope you’ll join us again next year!

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2010 Cuyama Oaks XP Ride Photos

Enjoy these photos from the 2010 Cuyama Oaks XP ride.  The wildflowers were stunning this year and the weather could not have been nicer.

We hope you will join us again next year for another beautiful ride in the oak studded wildflower covered hills of Cuyama!
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