Death Valley Encounter 2013 Overall Results

DVE2013 (67) (Medium)Here are the overall results for all four days of the Death Valley Encounter ride that was held December 28-31,2013 in the PS Region.

If you were at the ride and spot any errors please let Karen know. Please be sure to include which day as well as your full name and horse’s name so it’s easy to find.

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Overall – same horse and rider 200 miles                
1 M37673 Rabow, Zach   L H46603 RTR Rimfire 27:44:00  
2 M39797 Perryman, Jennifer   M H46615 Roaster 29:45:00 Overall BC
3 4165 Bomar, Nina   M H45607 Mershan (Chilaquil) 33:53:00  
4 M37300 Ready, Judi   L H48952 Memorabillia 33:57:00  
5 14441 Shackelford, Mike   H H50233 Miss Independent 35:11:00  
6 M37391 Rigney, Lynn   L H42661 Predictable 35:20:00  
7 M30103 Davidson, Peggy   L 36685 Dakota Midnight 35:50:00  
Overall – More than one horse and rider 200 miles                  
1 14149 Chaton, Karen   F H33042 Granite Chief +/ Pro Bono D    
2 M21293 Wilkie, Sue   L H46902 Ddartanian Fire Mt Redman    
3 5252 Rabe, Dave   M H42621 White Cloud Cocamoe Joe    
Overall – More than one horse and rider, less than 200 miles                  
1 M37947 Davis, Jacqueline   F H47042 Centerstone Grate Balls Afire Cocamoe Joe 175 miles 4 horses
2 M38924 LaPorte, Theresa   L H48421 Madison’s Mojave Madisons Montana   150 miles 2 horses
Overall – same horse and rider, 120 miles                  
1 M37376 Darby, Mary   F H32674 LD Monique 22:26  
2 M32829 Riley, Maryanne   L H49278 Sonata 22:25