Dueling Anthems

Dueling Anthems

July 10, 2011


We were stopped as we drove into Robert’s Creek

By a half-naked Aussie, my God it was Pete!

He was waving a flag like a crazy mad hatter

We rolled down the window and asked, “What’s the matter?”


He said, “Show me your passports, this is foreign territory

If you’re not Australian, what is your story?”

We said, “Forget it, mate,” as we gave him a stare

“Put your thumb up your nose and your flag you know where”


Pete then took his flag and scrambled up the hill

And held it up, it gave us a chill

So Dave Rabe and Tom Jenkins climbed up next

And planted Old Glory; Pete was vexed


Hanging out at camp were Charlie and Lee-Anne

Along with Carmen, the whole damn clan

Then out of nowhere came quite a sound

Their national anthem they had found


Advance Australia Fair is such a strange name

But in their country it’s the name of the game

You’d think they’d pick a tune much more keen

Like Waltzing Matilda or God Save the Queen


Not to be undone and in a skillful manner

Dave and Annie downloaded the Star Spangled Banner

It was like Dueling Banjos in the Deliverance flick

Which one is better, you take your pick


The next morning found Pete slithering back up the hill

This guy won’t quit; he loves a thrill

He placed and left the Australian flag

Above Old Glory on the highest crag


Now that it’s over we can be friends again

Americans and Aussies, women and men

In the heat of battle neither side did cave

In the land of the free and the home of the brave