Grand Canyon XP 2011 Overall Results

Grand Canyon XP 2011. Photo by Steve Bradley.

David Schneider & Kenlyn Xpression. Photo by Steve Bradley.

Here are the daily results for all 5 days of the 2011 Grand Canyon XP ride.  First place and overall BC was awarded to David Schneider riding Kenlyn Xpression.  If you were at the ride and spot any errors please let Karen know. Please be sure to include which day as well as your full name and horse’s name so it’s easy to find. These results will be sent in to AERC later this week. If the table is not displaying properly for you,click on the header of this post and it should reload properly.

The first table shows the riders who completed all 5 days and 250 miles on one horse.  The second table shows riders who completed all 5 days riding 2 or more horses.


1 Schneider, David Kenlyn Xpression
2 Greear, Kerry Summerwood Silverhawk
3 Maguire, Jean Oritos Watuhaat
4 Redmon, Jennifer Chelsea Costar
5 Wadey, Robyn Gypsy
6 Wadey, Carol MR Ladybird
7 Wright, Darla EM Darrha
8 Chaton, Karen Pro Bono D
9 Richardson, Carla SS Kharady Khid
1 Bartusek, Cathy
2 Bradley Cindy
3 Prior, Sandy
4 Romine, Larry
5 Sahagun, Tracy
6 Schneider, Natalie
7 Walberg, Linda
8 Rabe, Dave
9 Hughes, Connie