Mt. Carmel XP


Mount Carmel XP

April 28-29-30-May 1, 2022





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The ride is sanctioned by the AERC

We have changed the format for the 2022 ride and have dropped two of the days.    The layout of the trails will be basically the same as previous years so you will see all the spectacular scenery that has made this ride so popular. The ride will offer 50 and 25 mile courses each day along with the XP Club distances.  We will start registration on Wednesday, the 27th about 3:00. We will check in horses around 5:00 if the vet shows up on time.  

Base Camp: The new camp is across the street from the old Nicholson Barn that we have used for the past few years.  The entrance is about 100 yards north of the old highway entrance to the Nicholson Barn on the other side of Hwy 89.  We will be camping in the unimproved part of the Thunderbird RV park.  The camp is right on the Mt Carmel Trail system and there is access to the river.  There are gates to keep loose horses from getting on the highway. We will still be able to use the old pasture on the other side of the road for overflow but this is a much better site.  We can thank Ed Myers of the Thunderbird for this great opportunity.  This is only the beginning of what Ed is planning for horse facilities in the future.  The Thunderbird offers a Best Western Motel complete with a restaurant and golf course.  They also operate the Standard Station and convenience store were you can get both gas, diesel and a large variety of convenience store items. We are relieved and pleasantly surprised to be able to make this all come together and remind everyone how supportive the Thunderbird has been to the XP Rides over the years. 

Trails:The well marked trails follow single track cattle and horse trails, two track jeep trails and a minimal amount of graded road. The trails go through a variety of grassy meadows, pinion and juniper forests. The views along the trail are breathtaking.  Most of the trails are sandy or clay, with just enough rocks to make it interesting. The trail is moderately difficult with climbs and good or varied footing. For those of you with extra time, the campsite is an excellent place to camp and see Bryce, Zion or the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  All 4 days of Mount Carmel will loop back into basecamp. Last year I made a decision to eliminate the trail along Hwy 89 as well as the lower, improved part of the Muddy Road.  This year we will be changing the trails to eliminate that part of the Mt Carmel routes.

Ride Fees

You are welcome to sign up for one day at a time but there is a discount for those willing to make the commitment to ride for more days.  Juniors are half price.  AERC non members are charged a day member fee of $15.00 to participate in the AERC sanctioned ride.  XP Club riders doing a club ride only will receive a $15.00 a day discount. 

One Day          $130.00 check or $140.00 Paypal

Two Days       $240.00 check or $250.00 Paypal

Three Days     $340 check or $350.00 Paypal

Four Days       $440 check  or $455.00 Paypal

Mail your checks to Ann Nicholson at 19898 Road V, Lewis, CO 81327 or you can use Paypal and send to When you make the payment let us know by return email that you are coming and which days you are planning on riding.

Destination information for health certificates: Health certificates are required for horses coming into Utah from other states. They are not required for horses coming from within the state. The requirements for health papers vary depending on conditions in other states. Your local veterinarian will be able to counsel you on current requirements. The basecamp address that you can use for health certificates:  Mt Carmel Endurance Ride, 4200 S. State St. Mt Carmel, UT 84755.  That address will change when the final camp location is selected but that address should suffice for now. 

Meals: Annie will not be doing dinners in ride camp as there are a multitude of restaurants within a short driving distance.  She will be doing the XP free lunches.

Directions from Points South: Current directions to the Thunderbird XP Camp. Coming from CA and Southern NV you  turn off at MP 16 on Interstate 15 and head east towards Zion National Park. When you come into Hurricane, Utah turn R at the sign towards the Grand Canyon. Follow the signs towards Fredonia, Az and the Grand Canyon. A few miles past Colorado City, which is on the UT AZ border you make a left turn on the back road that goes through the Cane Beds. The turn is just past the Mojave Country Justice Court. This road is now paved but it is slow in places. Annie and I routinely take this route as it is a beautiful drive.    Continue past Coral Pink Sand Dunes and it will dead end at a T. Turn L at the T on US Hwy 89 and go to Mt Carmel Junction. Continue north on Hwy 189 about a quarter mile but instead of turning into the Nicholson Barn you will continue about a hundred yards to the gate on the right that is just past the RV park.  This is the gate we have used on the ride that is across the highway from the big bluff with the llamas.  An alternate route is to continue to Kanab and then take Hwy 89 north through Kanab to Mt Carmel Junction. 

From Points North and East:  Come south on Interstate 15 to Utah Hwy 20 near MP 99. Go east on Hwy 20 to US Hwy 89. Turn south on Hwy 89. Just past the town of Mt Carmel you will see the settling ponds on the right.  The gate into the camp is directly across the highway from the big bluff with a house and llamas on top. 


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