Two Separate Pioneer Rides separated by a rest day

August 26-27-28  Rest Day August 30-31- September 3 , 2018 

2018 AERC Ride Season 50 & 25 or 30 plus 10-15 Intro/Duck  each day

Distances subject to last minute adjustments for weather.


Over the years we have done our best to protect the meadow at the Dry Park campsite. However there are always a few people who don’t get the message and end up creating a mess that we have to clean up. Two years ago we had people driving around the mud puddles even though they were advised that there was a strong bottom to the road. I had to admit to the Forest Service that I couldn’t control those who have no regard for rules and fail to use common sense. Because of this I was forced last year to move our camp out of Dry Park to an area that can stand more abuse.

We are fortunate to have an alternative campsite, called the Snowmobile Play Area that offers many advantages over Dry Park. The new campsite is located just three miles from the pavement and four miles from the North Rim Store Store and the Kaibab Lodge. In addition it’s close enough to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon that you can comfortable drive there for dinner and site seeing even after riding all day. The area has recently accommodated over five hundred people and will tolerate all types of vehicles including two wheel drives and motorhomes. No matter how much foul weather we receive there will be no problem in getting in and out of camp. We will still be able to access all the beautiful trails that we have used in the past without having to deal with the worries of weather and mud in Dry Park. 

All five days of the Grand Canyon XP are out of the new basecamp which is located in the Snowmobile Play Area, on the north rim of the Grand Canyon. We ride through beautiful aspen and conifer forests and across wide open meadows through the North Kaibab Plateau on the Arizona Trail and the Rainbow Rim trails. Both of these trails offer spectacular views of the Grand Canyon. The trails course along the rim of the canyon but are far enough back from the cliffs that one does not have to a worry about a fear of heights.  The beautiful foliage, set against a backdrop of heavy green forests and the colors of the Grand Canyon offers a riding experience of a lifetime. The Kaibab Plateau is quite flat on top and the horses will have few, if any, climbs of significance. Although many of the trails are what you would expect in an alpine forest, there are some sections that can be somewhat rocky. We expect cool, mild days but be prepared for chilly nights.  As with all XP rides, free lunches are provide to everyone including the crews. Annie will prepare meals for a nominal charge if requested in advance.


The new directions to camp are now the same for everyone regardless of which way you are coming from. Take Hwy 89A to Jacob Lake, Arizona. Go south on Hwy 67 approximately 27 miles to Forest Road 22. This turn off is about 1 mile past the Kaibab Lodge and North Rim Store. Slow down as you see the pond on your right and turn right on FR22. Go about 2 miles to the top of the hill where there is a main cross road. You will turn left at this intersection and go 1 mile on FR 270, another major well-maintained Forest Service road. You will see a large sign on the right directing you to the Snowmobile Play area.

Those who fail to get this message will find a sign at the entrance to Dry Park that will direct them to continue on FR22 to the intersection of FR270 and then to the new campsite. Please pass this on to anyone you can think of that might need it.

The coordinates for the campsite are:

Intersection of FR22 and Hwy 67: 36° 24.069’N x 112° 7.767’W

Intersection of FR22 and FR270: 36° 24.659’N x 112° 8.976’W

XP Campsite in Snowmobile Play Area: 36° 23.880’N x 112° 9.164’W

Cell and internet service is poor to non existent at the ride site. Some Verizon coverage can be found with a booster. There is great Verizon service at the Kaibab Lodge on the North Rim.  Emails and text work best but don’t be frustrated by no response as we may have to travel some distance from camp to make contact.


Phone 907 209 8881 or e-mail

Ride Photos by Steve Bradley 


Hay and Water:  Certified Weed Free hay is required on all public lands. Crockett may be coerced into bringing  weed free certified hay available if you call and order it.  Horse water is available in camp starting the day before the ride starts.  If water is needed sooner (for earlier arrivals), there is a place to get it a few miles from camp.  

Other Misc:  It is okay to come early, however please let us know so that you can get instructions on where (and where not) to park.  A newsletter will be sent out to registered riders prior to the ride.  This is when you will be able to put in your request for meals. 

Health Certificates:  If you need an address for a health certificate use:  Snowmobile Play Area at Forest Road 270, North Kaibab National Forest, Fredonia, AZ.  Be advised that many inspection stations are now checking paperwork.

Awards: Individual daily awards are available for the first to finish and the horse in the best condition. An overall best conditioned horse and first to finish awards will be presented. Daily participation awards will be given to all riders. Riders who complete all five days will receive jackets, crew bags or plaques. Embroidered awards may not be available for up to a year following the event.  We sincerely hope delays of this nature never have to occur in the future but its been our only option up to this point.