Sesenta Anos

Sesenta Años

November 10-11-12, 2022
In 2022 we offer both AERC and WDRA Rides
25 or 30 & 55 or 50 all days; plus 10-15 XP Club rides all days


 lost padres 2012 012 (Small)

Annie is once again providing free lunches to those willing to assume the risk of eating in a remote camping situation.

John is laying out new trails for the AERC event that will stay in the lower elevations and be easier than the steeper trails in the back country. Those interested in seeing the backcountry should enter the WDRA events which will require similar effort for horse and rider as the AERC but will the mileage will be adjusted to keep finishing times the same as the traditional endurance rides of yesteryear.

Ride Location: This ride will be held on the beautiful Rancho San Fernando Rey in the upper Santa Ynez River Valley north of Santa Barbara. This is an original Spanish land grant rancho of 37,000 acres looking much like it did 200 years ago. The terrain is classic central California rolling hills and valleys covered with oaks and grass. Unlike John’s ride twelve years ago, this time the basecamp and every inch of the trail will be located on the Ranch.

Trail Description: There will be a different trail each day. There will be plenty of water on the trail at spring fed stock tanks. The trail will mostly use dirt ranch roads and cow trails. Since it may still be very dry in mid November, hoof protection is advisable.

Rules: The rules of the American Endurance Ride Conference will apply. The ride is open to every breed of horse or mule. AERC rules require horses entering the 50 mile ride to be 5 years or older and horses in the 25 mile ride to be at least 4 years old. Since John rides perhaps the strangest horse in endurance, he encourages everyone with a reasonably fit trail horse whether it is an Arab, a quarterhorse, a gaited horse, a mule, or whatever, to give at least one of the shorter distances a try. In addition to the AERC rules there are some things about the XP Rides that differ from other Socal rides. Please take the time to read our thoughts on medications, riding vs racing, and general behavior of riders and crew members.  Our family and friends organize these events to have fun. They are not intended to be high class international competitions.  

Special Considerations: Because this is a private ranch, the Rancho San Fernando Rey’s own release form must be signed by every single person coming onto the property, whether as a rider, a crew, a volunteer or anything else. You will not be allowed to enter the Ranch without a signed RSFR release for every person in your vehicle. To protect the ranch roads and the pasture where the basecamp is located, the ride will be cancelled in case of substantial rain during or immediately before the ride. Because this is a working cattle operation, loose dogs will not be tolerated. Best to leave your dog at home .

Early Arrivals:   If you need to arrive before WEDNESDAY, John suggests you contact Rancho Oso, a private equestrian campground just a few minutes down the road from the ranch entrance.  Ranch Oso has excellent facilities.  Camp for Sesenta Anos will open on WEDNESDAY.

Entry Fees for the AERC event: $360 for a three day entry. $260 for a two day entry. $135 for a one day entry.

From the south: drive through Santa Barbara on Highway 101, turn onto Highway 154 over San Marcos Pass, turn right onto Paradise Road a mile or so after crossing the bridge, turn left after a mile or so into the Ranch at our sign. If you are concerned about going up San Marcos Pass with a really big rig, then stay on 101 until Buellton, turn right onto Highway 246, and turn right onto Highway 154 to join those coming from the north.

From the north: drive through Santa Maria on Highway 101, turn onto Highway 154, turn left onto Paradise Road after passing Lake Cachuma, turn into the Ranch at our sign.

Address for Health Certificates:  Rancho San Fernando Rey, 166 Paradise Rd., Santa Barbara, CA 93105.  If you are already IN California,  you don’t need a health certificate.

Entry Fees:

AERC One Day      $150.00 check or $155.00 Paypal

XP One Day            $120.00 check or $125.00 Paypal

AERC Two Days     $265.00 check or $270.00 Paypal

XP Two Days           $230.00 or $235 Paypal

AERC Three Days  $365 check or $375.00 Paypal

XP Three Days        $320.00 check or $325 Paypal

The fees are the same for the 50 mile and 25 mile rides which includes the increased camping and drug fees for this years event. We have been forced to increase fees once again for the AERC rides but we have kept them the same for the XP rides. The increase in fees DOES NOT cover the increases in expenses for ride management but we are doing our best to keep the sport affordable for everyone. Fun riders enter the XP event. The entries are limited and prepayment is required. After entering online you can pay via the Paypal friends and family option or send a check to Ann Nicholson, 19898 Road V, Lewis, Colorado 81327. The Paypal address is


For more information contact Ride Manager:

Ann Nicholson, 907-209-8881

Dave Nicholson, 907 419 0924 ~ 970 880 0150


Rancho San Fernando Rey Release Form  rsfr-release-form