Strawberry Fields

The Strawberry Fields Forever XP

June 24-25-26, 2022

The Strawberry Ride is an AERC sanctioned event

We are very close to abandoning this ride.  It is a beautiful ride in a beautiful place and has been a great event for many years. However, this past year we succumbed to the pressure of the IOTE who fail to see the distinction between rides in flat easy country vs the challenges of the Rocky Mountains. We wont be doing that again. A major factor in the Strawberry course was the fact there is very little trail that would be considered “fast” because of the downfall timber.  Howard has agreed to clear the trails so riders will be able to make time and we will go back to doing what we have done in the past. The 2022 experiment proved it was insanity to continue down this path.  We will camp in the same place on Co-Op Creek.  The ride is not open to the general public. This will still be a challenging ride but it will be doable at all distances.  There will be distances with mileage points ranging from 15 to 55 points.  



The Strawberry Fields Endurance Ride is one of the most beautiful rides in the Mountain Region. Located in the Uintah Mountains, 55 miles SE of Salt Lake City and just 20 miles east of Heber, just north of Strawberry Reservoir, this is a ride to enjoy in a friendly, relaxed environment. The terrain is challenging, but not difficult, with trails winding through aspens and meadows filled with wildflowers and spectacular mountain scenery.

2022 is the 20th year for Strawberry Fields and once again, it will be a 3-DAY Pioneer Ride. There will be 15 through 55 rides for the XP Club rides. There will 25 thru 55 mile rides for AERC.We look forward to seeing everyone again this summer. We hope everyone will spread the word about the beautiful scenery… the area is blessed with some of the most pristine, gorgeous riding terrain imaginable. At this time of year, with the spring run‑off, numerous creeks are flowing, and the wild flowers and Aspen are blooming everywhere. It is a perfect time of year to enjoy a memorable Uinta Mountain riding experience.

We are looking forward to taking our riders back up to the Red Cliffs and on the spectacular high mountain trails again.  Come early, stay late and savor the pure mountain atmosphere. Sightings of deer, elk, moose and beaver are not uncommon, and look for bald eagles and hawks soaring above. The scenic value of this ride is what makes it truly unique and special, and if taken at a moderate pace, this is a ride to cherish and remember forever. 

DIRECTIONS: Base camp is about 55 miles south east of Salt Lake City, Utah, with easy access. From Heber City, take Hwy 40 eastbound for approximately 25 miles. You will go over Daniel’s Pass and the Daniels Summit Lodge. Base camp was moved to Co-op Creek last year and will be there again in 2016. 7.6 miles east of Daniels Summit Lodge you will see the  sign for the Co-Op Creek Road. The turn off is between milepost 41 and 42. Turn left and continue on the good gravel road for approximately 2 miles then turn left on Forest Road 451 to Base Camp.  You can use these directions as an address for health certificates.  

If you are coming from the east, the turn off is about about 5 miles west of Fruitland on Hwy 40. Turn right at CO‑Op Creek.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: Our trails are mostly single track through woodland and open meadows, and some gravel roads. There are plenty of creeks and ponds, and an abundance of green grass for horses to snack on. Although it is high altitude, and there is significant elevation change, the trails are not difficult and the footing is generally very good. This is an excellent opportunity for those wishing to be introduced to the sport of Endurance Riding in a friendly, relaxed, environment and there will be people around who would be pleased to show you the ropes and get you started.

We plan for the 55 and 50 milers to start at 7am and the 25 milers at 8:00am, but weather and trail conditions could dictate a last minute change in plans. Daytime temperatures usually range from 70 to 80 degrees, and you can expect the occasional thunder shower so come prepared. The nights can get chilly so warm jackets and horse blankets are advised. Annie is unable to cook for the riders but there is a possibility of having catered meal supplied, once again with sufficient requests.  She will be providing the famous XP free lunches.

For more information contact Ride Manager:

Entry Fees:

One Day          $130.00 check or $135.00 Paypal

Two Days       $240.00 check or $250.00 Paypal

Three Days     $ 340.00 check or $345.00 Paypal

AERC riders who are non members add $15.00 per day for their “day member fee”.

Cell and internet service is poor at the ride site. Emails and text work best but don’t be frustrated by no response as we may have to travel some distance from camp to make contact.

Ann Nicholson, 907-821-1819

Dave Nicholson, 907 209 8881 or 970 880 0150