2010 Gold Medal: Becky Lange and Mocha Jack

Becky Lange and Mocha Jack at Mt. Carmel. Photo by Steve Bradley.

Becky Lange and Mocha Jack

Barn name: M

XP name: Jack

Breed: Kentucky Mountain Horse

Both M and I started endurance in 2009 and our very first ride was Cuyama.  We have 2 years in now and 1510 miles.  2009 – 405 and 2010 – 1105

I just love the Cuyama ride – it’s only 20 miles from where I live and it was my 1st ride.

I found Bryce to be the most challenging ride because the footing was very rocky and there were a lot of steep climbs and steep downhills.

Becky Lange and Mocha Jack. Photo by Steve Bradley.

What I learned from doing the XP series was that I have the most awesome little horse in the world.  He will do anything I ask, willingly and seems to be having so much fun doing it.  Every ride was a blast.  Being gaited – M is like riding in an easy chair which makes it so enjoyable for me.  I can just sit back and take in the scenery.

I guess the only thing I could have done differently was ride all 4 days at Eastern Mojave, and all 5 days at Bryce and the Grand Canyon – but my goal was to do 1000 miles and we did that in style.  M top 10’d all 20 races that he competed in – he has never been pulled.  He is always sound and he seems to really enjoy his job.
We have met a lot of great people doing these rides.  Everyone has always been very friendly and helpful.  I started in this sport knowing very little and I have learned so much over the past two years.
I look forward to doing as many of the XP rides as I can in 2011.  M is my one and only little horse so I have to take really good care of him just like he takes really good care of me.

M has also done Tevis in both 2009 and 2010 and completed both years – 2009 – 19th and 2010 – 25th.
M is #1 lightweight in the Pacific Southwest, #2 overall in the Pacific Southwest and #3 lightweight Pioneer horse with just 2 rides and 405 miles.