2010 Gold Medal: Heather van Fossen and Hearts of Harlem

Heather & Hearts of Harlem (Corbin). Photo by Lynne Glazer.

Heather Van Fossen
Hearts of Harlem
Breed: National Show Horse
Heather-12,000 miles
Corbin-7000 miles

I had a great time at Mount Carmel.  I love the Utah rides, mountain weather, and the fantastic trails Dave manages to find.  The trail on day 5 was unbelievable.  East Mojave is another of my favorites, imagine riding up a creek in the middle of the desert!

I found that the rock chute trail at Bryce was very challenging.  The Blue Fly backwards was nothing to worry about, the whole morning kept up alert and on our toes.  It was a very beautiful scenic single track and I would do it again in a heartbeat (except for the rock part…it seemed worse this year than last).

We had a great year this year.  The weather was pretty awesome at all of the XP rides.  I am happy to have a strong willing horse who is really excited to be out on the trail.  It is nice being able to ride with my good friends that live so far away.

Thanks so much to all the XP family who spends so much time getting these wonderful camps and trails ready for us.  I really love multidays and XP rides especially.  We really do get on some of the best trails in america, thanks again!!