2011 Gold Medal: Karen Fredrickson and MRR Pyro

Karen and Murphy at the Bryce Canyon XP. Photo by Steve Bradley.

Rider and horse name: Karen Fredrickson & MRR Pyro

Horse Barn name: Murphy ( AKA: Himself)

Breed: Arabian

Horse & rider years in endurance & # of miles

I rode my first endurance ride in 1992 and have 15, 060 miles. 2010 was Murphy’s 10 th year in endurance

Which XP ride did you enjoy the most this year?

XP 2011

Which ride did you find the most challenging, and why?

XP 2011. The lenght is a test of horses, horsemanship, and rider/crew relationship.

What do you feel is the most important thing you learned about yourself and your horse this past year?

Dave always said you need to calm down and work with the horses you have. He is right. Things didn’t go as planned, but in the end they went better.

Is there anything you did this year that you would do differently next year? (or, if you had a chance to do this last year over again)?

What do you think was the best thing that you did do?

I had my tack and feed worked out along with leg care long before the long ride.

What are your horses best qualities?

Murphy is sound, honest and strong. He always gives me what I ask for. He is an amazing horse.

Did anything funny or strange happen on any of the rides this year?

On a snowy might at Grand Canyon, Murphy looked up at the light in the overhead and called to me. He kept it up until I got up and put him in the trailer. I’ve had the dogs asked to come in on a cold night but that was the first time my horse asked to come in.