Western Distance Riders Alliance


Western Distance Riders Alliance

“It’s not a ride, it’s an adventure!”

Our Mission Statement

WDRA brings together all equestrians who enjoy the companionship of their human & equine friends in natural trail settings in the West.

We welcome anyone with the best interest of their horse at heart, and eager to participate with like-minded riders in fun & challenging events, regardless of the distances.

Our Board of Directors include present and past AERC BOD members, riders and ride managers and Hall of Fame members who truly care about the future of our sport. They include Andrew Gerhard, Tennessee Lane, David Nicholson, Tom Noll, Kerry Redente, Christoph Schork, Tonya Oaks Stroud. Our new website is coming soon! WDRA.net

We are a regional organization to promote distance riding in the West. WDRA will honor all past & future mileage from other distance organizations