XP Riders Information

This page is now open to the public, however anyone looking at this list must realize these are unique number for riders and horses that have participated in XP events in the past.  We do not purge the numbers when a person is no longer active for whatever reason.  These numbers DO NOT represent the number of active club members at any given time. 

The XP numbering system started with the riders and the horses they rode during the 2020 season but included other years as well.  Others have been added when they have entered an XP event.   If you are an AERC member and don’t see your AERC rider and horse numbers please send an email to xpridersdata@gmail.com with that updated information.  This makes it much easier for us to prepare the daily results and to be able to send them off to AERC in a timely manner.

When you access you number you will notice the horses you rode in previous events also have a number.  Your horse numbers are unique and will start with your number followed by a period and the numbers .01 and so on.  An individual member would have to have over 99 horse before this ever became a problem.  

Please take a look at what horses you have associated with your number.  I know for a fact there are some riders who have only ridden someone else’s horse so that horse’s number should be tied to its owner.  I can only make this correct with your help.  Also check the spelling of your name and your horses name.  I will try to get it all edited in a timely manner. 

Here is an important caveat, not only for the XP events but any AERC ride as well: Databases like to record numbers instead of names.  Many of you have horses with long nonsensical names along with “barn names”  When you enter rides or someone else enters your horse the record has no idea that “Garbonzo” really is XPV Wonderhorse unless the AERC or XP numbers are the same.   Those of you who care about points need to make sure you and your horse get the proper credit for what they have achieved.