The Truck

The Truck

June 1, 2011


The battle of trucks goes on forever

Do you like Chevy’s or Ford’s or Dodge’s, whatever

Before I go on with this testosterone story

Lets’ be clear, this is guy territory


If you want to pull a load that is heavy

Some will swear you must have a Chevy

Others will say that for grunt, Good Lord

You’ve got to have a big dually Ford


Still others will say that to get up on the cam

The ultimate truck is a diesel Dodge Ram

On which truck is best no men can agree

But what counts is not really the brand, you see


It’s about whose piston has the longest stroke

And the bore of the cylinder, this is no joke

They shift their stick every chance they get

And step on the gas to clean out their jets


These men like injection and lubricating rear ends

They grease up their hitch balls on which towing depends

Horsepower is good, but what matters is torque

If they ain’t got that, what’s wrong with their dork?


While trucks will pull rigs that are stuck in the mud

They mostly will show who’s the world’s biggest stud

What a truck really means to men takes no genius

They’re just vying for who has the world’s largest…junk