July 15 , 2011


A long night at the bar drinking beer and whiskey

Left me feeling quite beat and not very frisky

The evening was over as I put down my glass

And off to bed I dragged my sorry old ass


I closed my eyes and had quite a dream

Our country had a new political team

Anne Nicholson was President of the USA

The XP party was ruling the day


The Interior Secretary was a man named Duck

The Sierra Club said, “Oh my God, what bad luck!”

To improve the enjoyment of everyone’s vacations

He eliminated all prior wilderness designations


At this news the Enviro’s were totally dismayed

When he reintroduced grizzlies their nerves totally frayed

When Morgan obtained her environmental degree

Dave said, “Sorry my lass, you’ll have to put up with ME!”


For a break Dave returned to Klawock, Alaska

He’d spent too much time in the state of Nebraska

He picked up his old friend, the weird Sarah Palin

She tried to seduce him when he took her sailin’


As I lay in REM sleep the dream got stranger

O ld style politics came into great danger

Bob Dylan had said that the times were a-changin’

Well, the country was in for some quick rearrangin’


Annie moved the capitol from Washington, D.C.

To a sagebrush outpost in Cold Springs, NV

Congressional members were [John, Barbara, Tammy, Kim and Cricket]

Who could imagine a better ticket?


Kathy left Middlegate to become Senate lead

The blood bath was messy when she trounced Harry Reid

Nancy Pelosi was in trouble, flaming liberal, she

All hailed the change to House Speaker Dee Dee


Not to be left out came Rachel and Emma

Republicans now had a real dilemma

The conservatives were soon put over a barrel

When Cold Springs took over the party with Michone, Jerry and Cheryl


Now the country was reborn with a hope anew

Here in the land of the Red, White and Blue

We had a lot more freedom and a lot more fun

And friends, that’s the story of how the West was won